Wednesday, December 15, 2010

ART Event

During art week I attended the faculty throw down. I was not sure what type of questions to expect because I am a freshman and did not attend it last year. Also, as a biology major, I was not sure how much I would enjoy the event because I knew that the questions would be art related which is not an area that I am strong in. I was pleasantly surprised about the event, I thought the event would be fun, but I did not think that I would find the type of questions interesting.

This event was interesting because there was a discussion and debate of current topics in art with art professors at the school. Having the debater’s working in the field of art, they brought a unique perspective to the debate. There was a wide range of questions, but the final question was the most memorable. The last question was “to pick a work of art that you think had the most substantial influence on society in the last 10 years.” The first professor selected a traditional piece of art, which is what I expected and explained why they thought this work of art was important. When Mr. Caldwell gave his answer, I was taken by surprise. Mr. Caldwell selected Stephan Colbert as the most influential piece of art work in the last 10 years. I was expecting a major photograph but instead he selected a prominent figure in the media. Mr. Caldwell described art in a new way that never occurred to me. He described how Colbert gathered such a huge following through the media. Through this following, Colbert has the power to change viewers’ opinions on popular topics. I had never thought that art could be the way a person uses the media to influence people. To me this showed me how art can be seen in almost everything, depending on the viewer. I would recommend that people come to this event next year because it was fun and interesting.

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