Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Way of seeing post

Much like the Photo used as the example this one has natural framing. In the example the Trolly's side and windows frame the subjects of the picture. In this photo I took a few months ago, the stool and ceiling frame the subject (Patches). Also, similar to the example there is a strong black and white (race) contrast between the people, and in this photo her markings provides a very distinct contrast which shows her emotions clearer.


This photo of a Frenchman weeping was taken on June 14, 1940 during World War II as the Germans were marching into Paris. It was retrieved from the National Archives ID# 208-PP-10A-3

Although it is quite different from the example, it is in my opinion a well composed photograph. The dark attire of the women on either side of the man in the center immediately draws focus to the man. Also, taking the picture from slightly below eye level puts the man's face near the top of the frame with the other faces moving towards the middle third as you reach the vertical edges of the picture, forming a sort of inverted V of faces.
Other thoughts?