Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Portrait Post

This is a photo of Bill Brandt taken by Michael Birt. This photo was on display at Fulham Palace, England. Bill Brandt was an influential British photographer and photojournalist best known for his high-contrast images of British society and his distorted nudes and landscapes. In this photo, Brandt is sitting on a chair, showing some of his work.

One thing I liked about this portrait is that once you see it, you can immediately tell that he is a photographer and that he is showing examples of his work. I liked the windows in the background, which splits the background in half. I liked how his head rests in between the two windows and I also liked the curtain on the upper right and upper left edges.

I think this is a successful portrait because it tells you something about the person in it. The photo itself has a high contrast, which is what Brandt is known for. The fact that he is showing some of his own photographs (nude images, which is again what he is known for) just adds originality and authenticity to this portrait. This portrait also gives Brandt some kind of power or authority created by the low vantage point and the way Brandt stares right into the camera. The expression on his face gave me an impression that Brandt is tired of what he's been doing. How the light creates shadow on the left side of his face suggests that there might be a darker side to him that we might not know of.

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