Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Spatial hierarchy and flatness

This photo shows spatial hierarchy. The eye is drawn to the 2 little kids in the foreground of this picture because they are the biggest objects in the frame, are the most in focus, and the lines of the road in the picture draw your eyes from the background to the forgroud where these two kids are walking. This picture shows depth, and allows the viewer to see the world around these two kids, however the viewer initially notices these two kids before everything else.

This picture shows how the flatness of a photograph can really be used by the photographer to solve a picture. In real lifethis picture would not at all look like two little guys are hanging from a mans tie, because we can see depth. This photo however lines up in just the right way so that although we can technically see the depth in the photograph, however we visually see the allusion of the gyus hanging on the tie because of the flatness of a photograph. So this photo represents both the depth a flat picture can show, but also how the photographer can use the flatness of a picture when composing a photograph.

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